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Boom Lift Rental in Oneonta, NY

Lift Rental in Oneonta, NY

Construction lifts are usually the workhorses at construction sites. They help your people during every project phase, from moving materials during preconstruction to lifting workers to hard-to-reach areas during final inspections. Since these vehicles assist with many tasks at many stages, a construction equipment rental company near you must have a wide range of lifts and other vehicles readily available.

At Oneonta Equipment & Sales, we’ve got you covered. Our knowledgeable, professional team has the expertise and the inventory to deliver the right vehicle for the right job at the right time. Thanks to our extensive inventory, we offer excavator rental and other rentals to suit every budget. We understand that a few dollars in savings could be the difference between profit and loss on a job. We’re willing to do what it takes to help ensure that your job finishes in the black.


Articulating Boom Lifts

Versatile knuckle lifts are instantly recognizable because of the multiple joints on their arms. Additionally, the arm is mounted on a turntable which freely rotates 360 degrees. This combination of movement makes an articulating boom lift ideal for a wide range of tasks, especially exterior cleaning jobs, electrical and piping repairs, and general maintenance projects.

At Oneonta Equipment & Sales, we have articulating boom lifts in Oneonta, NY of all sizes, from 30-foot extensions to 300-foot extensions. ​

Like our other heavy construction vehicles, our knuckle lifts are safe and efficient. The wide wheels give the lift an extremely sturdy base, even at full extension at multiple angles in high winds. Furthermore, the aerial platform is well-protected, with multiple safety rails and other safety features. So, your workers have the confidence to take on difficult tasks without fear of injury.


Telescopic Boom Lifts

Unlike articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts have fixed arms attached to rotating turntables. The secure platform can usually hold up to three workers at a time, but it’s best suited for a single individual. Telescopic boom lifts are known for their exceptionally long reach, making them ideal for electrical wire repairs and tree trimming jobs.

Most manufacturers offer an electric-powered option with solid tires for interior use and a gas-powered option with inflated tires for rough exterior use. Both models usually have hydraulic-action lift arms, making it easy to safely reach full extension in only a few seconds.


Electric Scissor Lifts

These construction vehicles often substitute for clumsy and unsafe ladders or scaffolding. Electric scissor lifts require practically no setup and allow workers to safely reach heights of up to sixty feet without climbing. Furthermore, these lifts have large platforms, allowing multiple workers to reach the same height at the same time easily.

Typical uses for scissor lifts include exterior building repairs, cladding installation, window installation, and window cleaning.


Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

When the job requires a lift but takes your workers off a parking lot or other level surface, a rough terrain scissor lift is the answer to your problem. The base has oversized tires and multiple braces for added stability. Furthermore, the scissor lift uses hydraulic movement.


Forklift Rental

Yes, a forklift is a kind of industrial lift, and at Oneonta Equipment & Sales, we have dozens of models in stock and ready to transport to your worksite.

Telehandlers, or telescopic forklifts, combine telescopic boom lifts with traditional forklifts, allowing your crew to use forks at extended heights. The upward and forward movement capability makes a telescopic forklift an efficient choice for construction projects that require moving items in tricky locations.

We also stock rough terrain and heavy-duty forklifts. Rough terrain forklifts, which can usually carry loads up to 8,000 pounds, are used to move building materials and other items over rough terrain. They can traverse long distances, efficiently carrying items from one end of the worksite to the other. Heavy-duty forklifts transport heavy objects and move them vertically. These lifts often feature durable pneumatic tires and offer up to 36,000 pounds of support. They are usually designed for indoor use within warehouses or for industrial projects.


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