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Like most other construction industry segments, the concrete equipment and tool industry has grown significantly in recent years. Key growth factors include increasing construction projects, shorter completion times, and contractor demand for customized solutions. To keep pace with this demand, newly engineered equipment designs have achieved performance and functions that were inconceivable just a decade ago. With good-quality concrete construction equipment, a construction company can work faster, reduce labor costs, and increase profits.

The construction vehicles and equipment in our inventory have changed, but at Oneonta Equipment Rental & Supplies, we haven’t changed how we do business. We start every business contact with a conversation. The more we know about you and your needs for construction equipment rental in Oneonta, NY, the easier it is to connect you with the right concrete equipment and concrete tools. ​Once we make that connection, we do whatever it takes to get the vehicle you need on your job site. Our in-house financing department offers payment options that fit every budget.


Large Project Solutions

Concrete mixers and pumps are usually the backbones of a large concrete construction project, like an apartment complex or mini-mall.

Different types of concrete mixers are used at construction sites. Usually, concrete mixers combine the right combination of cement, sand, gravel, and water and form a fine concrete mixture. Other mixers deliver ready-to-pour concrete to construction jobs requiring large pour volumes.

Most of the concrete mixers we rent and sell are fairly straightforward machines that consist of an electric, hydraulic, or combustion motor, a rotating tank, a dump wheel or tipping handle, and a rigid frame. Perhaps most critically, the tank is equipped with fixed helical blades that mix the materials to obtain a smooth mixture that pours easily and sets properly.

Concrete pumps transfer liquid concrete at construction sites. Onsite pumps eliminate the need to set aside workers who place concrete. Instead, a truck-mounted or trailer-mounted pump does the work. Both provide flexibility on a job site allowing the constructors to have easy access to areas that are not accessible without a pump. The bottom line is that concrete pumps save time and money, two of the most valuable resources at any construction site.


Small Project Solutions

Line pumps normally pump concrete at lower volumes, making them ideal for concrete placing applications such as swimming pools, sidewalks, single-family home concrete slabs, and most ground slabs. Additional options include mobile stationary pumps, truck-mounted static pumps, vehicle-mounted mixer concrete pumps, and many more.

We also sell and rent concrete pavers for small jobs, like sidewalks and driveways, and larger jobs, like airport runways and streets or highways. Specialized concrete pavers for construction markets need to be versatile, consistent, and safe. The size, range, and type of paver are as crucial as the consistency in the mix, smoothness, rideability, and ease of transportability.

No job is complete without finishing tools. These tools, which we usually include with heavy equipment, include trowels, groove cutters, edgers, polishers, and grinders. We also offer more sophisticated concrete tools, such as thermos-hygrometers that accurately determine drying time, hammer drills that combine percussion and rotation, and concrete moisture meters that provide handy “spot checks” of drying slabs.


Partner with Oneonta Equipment Rental & Sales for Concrete Equipment and Concrete Tools

Large and small jobs come with our ongoing support. We don’t have customers at Oneonta Equipment Rental & Sales. Instead, we have partners because we are in this together.

Whether you are building an airport for your community or adding a bathroom to your house, the clock is ticking. Whether you need construction equipment rental near you in Oneonta, NY for a big or small job, contact us now.

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