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This category of construction equipment includes plate tampers, rammers, rollers, and other tools and vehicles that transform rough surfaces into smooth surfaces. This versatility makes compaction equipment ideal for both pre-construction preparation work and post-construction finishing work.

Oneonta Equipment Rental & Sales is your long-term partner for all construction or agricultural project phases. We understand that getting started is often the most challenging part of any job. Our heavy equipment rental and tools make it easier. As the project moves forward, no matter how well-planned it is, unexpected things happen. We help you deal with the unexpected. Finally, we provide the finishing tools needed to end the project on an up note, impress your client, and help you secure future business.


Picking the Right Compaction Equipment

Excavation, which is usually a necessary part of the construction process, loosens the soil. Compactors pack it so the soil supports more weight.

Sand, gravel, and granular soils require vibration action to compact. The vibration action reduces surface frictional forces, so the particles fall freely under their own weight. Impact force best compacts silt, clay, and other cohesive soils. Jobsite specifications, such as the percentage of proctor density, also come into play.

Above all, the machine should have enough power to compact the soil at the depth required. If the machine does not have enough power, the proper density will not be reached.


Picking the Right Provider for Compaction Equipment Rental

After reading all that, you may be thinking that choosing the right compaction equipment isn’t easy. That’s okay because our staff has the expertise to guide you to the right equipment. We don’t merely rent or sell the equipment we have in our inventory at the time.

Furthermore, when you come back to us, we don’t just pick up where we left off in terms of our relationship. Instead, we take the time to learn about the current project dynamics to connect you with the solution you need.


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