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A versatile skid steer is a four-wheeled or tracked vehicle. Each side’s front and back wheels mechanically link together, so they turn at the same speed. Since these construction vehicles have two transmissions, the left-side drive wheels move independently from the right-side drive wheels. This zero-turn capability makes a highly maneuverable skid steer extremely valuable for applications requiring a powerful, compact, agile tool carrier or loader in small-space work areas.

At Oneonta Equipment Rental & Sales, we have a wide range of skid steers and other construction vehicles currently available for sale or lease for construction firms with immediate needs. If your company is looking a little further down the road and hoping to fill future needs, we can also take care of that.

Modern skid steers are almost nothing like the first ones from the 1950s. Back then, options were limited. Today, skid steer options are plentiful. Some considerations include the following:

  • Controls: Many models have gradually moved away from the traditional lever-and-pulley system to joystick controls. Top-of-the-line skid steers also come with electronic dashboards which allow highly accurate machine reads and maintenance.
  • Size: Skid steers vary in height and operating weight. The smallest can weigh less than 6,000 pounds, while the largest models exceed 8,000-9,000 pounds. A skid steer’s size and operating weight affect its mobility and safe operating capacity.
  • Horsepower: Small units generally have a horsepower performance under 50 hp. Medium units are between 50-70 hp, and large skid steers are over 70 hp.
  • Amenities: Many skid steers feature heating, air conditioning, adjustable seats, or noise reduction technology. Depending on how long you and your crew will use these machines, a unit or two with extra amenities makes a big difference.

Our large inventory virtually guarantees that you can find a skid steer that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Skid Steer Rental in Oneonta and Surrounding Areas

For Skidder Rental in Oneonta NY, contact us now to discuss construction vehicle rental and sales options.

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