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Plate Tamper Rental in Oneonta, NY

Many of the power tools, like concrete tools, that we rent and sell are finishing tools. Plate tampers are preparation tools. They compact the soil under driveways, decks, parking lots, walkways, and other areas. Denser, more compact soil reduces water damage, extending the life of these and other projects. Since these projects vary in size, plate tampers vary in size as well, from simple hand-held machines to large industrial-strength devices.

At Oneonta Equipment Rental & Sales, it doesn’t matter if you need a single-hand tool or an entire fleet of large construction vehicles. No job is too big, and no job is too small. We have this commitment because every construction, renovation, or demolition project we support makes our community a better place to live.


Choosing the Right Compactor to Rent

A single-plate compactor exclusively moves forward direction only. These tools are probably the most popular choice for smaller asphalt jobs. Reversible plates can move in both forward and reverse. Some also operate in a hover mode to compact areas of particularly loose soil or other debris. Large jobs usually require reversible, high-performance, heavy-duty plate compactors. Such machines are ideal for subbase and deeper depth compaction.

Other options include iron or steel plates, curved or straight plates,   center-mounted or swinging handles, and water tank size.


Choosing the Right Plate Tamper Rental

A wide range of available plate tampers and other tools and equipment is a good start, but only a good start. The best heavy equipment rental company also offers a wide range of financing options.

We invite you to browse through our extensive inventory. Our staff will gladly point you in the right direction once you tell us more about your needs, goals, and budget. Our financing options include everything from short-term leases to low-interest purchase terms.


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