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Equipment Repair in Oneonta

Landscaping and other equipment, such as lawnmowers, tractors, and chainsaws, must withstand considerable wear and tear. Unlike construction or renovation projects, landscaping projects are ongoing commitments. In fact, these contractors usually provide monthly services. Furthermore, landscaping is a volume business. High-volume companies are profitable, and low-volume companies need help.

At Oneonta Equipment Rental and Sales, we take pride in offering high-quality LS tractors, Husqvarna equipment, and other such products. Even the highest quality product contains parts that wear out over time. We provide two crucial services in this area. First, we tell clients upfront about future issues so breakdowns don’t blindside contractors. Second, we service what we sell and lease to minimize downtime. Finally, when we commit, we back it up.


Making Equipment Repairs

Most of our technicians are industry-certified professionals with years of experience. They know what they’re doing, and we give them the tools they need to do it. Furthermore, most of our mechanics work on an hourly basis instead of a commission basis. So, instead of doubling as salespeople, they focus on the task at hand.

Our customers have many options to choose from when they lease or purchase items from us. Similarly, our repair technicians have several options when they work on the equipment we sell or lease. A stopgap measure is usually available. If the project comes to a halt because of a mechanical issue, the stopgap is the best available solution.

But our total repair approach changes the environment. Since our customers usually anticipate breakdowns or maintenance needs, our technicians can take the time needed to do the job right.


Guaranteeing Our Work

Some equipment rental and leasing companies make big promises and do not deliver. We take the opposite approach at Oneonta Equipment Rental & Supply. We only make promises we know we can keep.

Our best effort, every time, is one such commitment. Whether you bought or leased the equipment from us or someone else, you get our best.

We also promise to deliver within deadlines. If the repair will take a week, we’ll tell you the repair will take a week and explain the reason for the delay.

As mentioned, predictability is another one of our core values. We will help you anticipate problems and avoid them. So, we include contract options like regular maintenance agreements. When you have some rest and repair time, your equipment also gets rest and repair time.

Reach out to us to find out how the right equipment and service can help your business.

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