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Equipment Sales in Oneonta

Three is usually the magic number in renting vs. buying scenarios. Over the long haul, buying makes the most financial sense for people who plan to keep their houses, personal automobiles, and other capital items for more than three years, even though the short-term ownership cost is usually higher.

If you have a well-established business, the amount of work has been steady for several years, and you have no plans to consolidate or otherwise alter your business in the near future, buying equipment instead of leasing it is the best choice.


Equipment Leasing vs. Sales

Many heavy equipment dealers in upstate New York either do not offer sales options or steer their customers toward leasing. Unless the customer pays cash, which is very rare, these transactions involve a bank or other third party. Adding another party greatly complicates the transaction, limits the dealer’s flexibility, and often means additional regulatory burdens.

At Oneonta Equipment Rental & Sales, we approach things differently. We put our customers first instead of ourselves. We’re willing to take on these additional obligations if that’s what is best for the customer. Additionally, since we’re such a well-established company, we routinely work with banks and other financing companies. So, the purchase process at Oneonta Equipment Rental & Sales is much more streamlined than with other equipment dealers.


Types of Equipment

Some area dealers designate a few vehicles for sale to add “sales” to their marketing materials. But at Oneonta Equipment Rental & Sales, if we lease it, we also sell it. This list includes:

  • Tractors: These slow-moving and easy-to-handle vehicles can usually tow more than three times their own weight. Advanced LS Tractors and other such vehicles with advanced design and engineering features are even more efficient.
  • Lifts: We offer many sizes of lifts and cranes, from small ones that enable workers to easily trip trees and reach roofs to large construction cranes designed for high-rise construction projects.
  • Hand-Held Equipment: Besides heavy vehicles, we also offer a full line of Husqvarna and other products for sale, such as edgers, brush cutters, and tillers.

All these vehicles come with quality and service guarantees. We don’t show you a model vehicle and deliver something else. Furthermore, if something is amiss with your experience, we work hard to make things right.


Purchase Terms

We mentioned the lease vs. purchase rule above. Another consideration is a large down payment vs. higher monthly payments.

Many of our clients make large down payments. Generally, general contractors match at least part of the down payment if that’s what it takes to keep the project on schedule. These matching offers are especially common if the subcontractor includes such a provision in the initial agreement.

Regardless of the purchase terms, we do not abandon you after you sign on the dotted line. If payment issues arise later, we advocate for you with the bank or finance company. We cannot promise a positive outcome, but we can promise to do our best.

Contact us now to find out what equipment sales options await you.

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